Debate with CUS and LearningLeaders

The Cambridge Asia British Parliamentary Championships (CABP) is hosted each year by the Cambridge Union Society (CUS) and LearningLeaders (LL). Together, the two organizations represent organizations with some of the greatest capabilities, history, and experience hosting premier quality debate events.

All CABP events are non-profit. 100% of proceeds are allocated to host the events, secure top quality adjudicators, and to provide scholarships for students who are unable to pay full registration fees.

Debate at Cambridge

The top teams of each CABP round will qualify for the Annual Cambridge Finals Day, held at the Cambridge Union in Cambridge, England (pending travel restrictions).

Qualification for the Annual Cambridge Finals Day will be awarded to the top teams on tab in each CABP tournament.

Debate Online

The 2021 - 2022 CABP Series features three competitions: CABP Southeast Asia (online), CABP Asian Championships (online), and CABP Shanghai (online).

Students may participate in any round for which they are eligible, as determined by their country of school enrollment. Both members of the team must be from the same school

Debate the World

Compete against students from across the continent, in one of Asia’s biggest BP tournament series. CABP 2020-21 saw nearly 100 teams from nine countries and territories competing. CABP 2021-22 will be bigger still.

CABP is open to teams from across East Asia, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

Debate with Confidence

Tournament Conveners, Adjudication Core, Independent Adjudicators and Digital Team, are all highly experienced in delivering seamless, high quality tournaments.

The organising team and CAP behind the Cambridge Asia BP series have collectively debated and adjudicated in, convened, and won multiple national and international championships, both online and in-person.

Three Amazing Tournaments

Southeast Asia Championships

December 18-19, 2021

Final Registration Date: December 10

Platform: Zoom

Registration Closed

Asian Championships

January 29-30, 2022

Final Registration Date: January 21

Platform: Zoom

Shanghai Championships

February 26-27, 2022

Final Registration Date: February 18

Platform: Zoom

Convenor, Adjudication Core and Selected IAs

Ivan Velentey


Luigi Alcañeses

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP SE Asia

Amrit Agastia

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP SE Asia

Narongpol “Boat” Sathorn

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP SE Asia

Uphie Abdurrahman

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP Asia

Enting Lee

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP Asia

Tota Takahashi

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP Asia

Sally Lee

Co-Chief Adjudicator, CABP Asia

Prepare for CABP with the Best.

Go above and beyond with an exclusive online BP debate camp, coached by top debaters from the Cambridge Union.

We have already completed the exclusive CABP Preparation camps for this year - more opportunities to train with Cambridge debaters will come in 2022. Stay tuned!


Learn with coaches from two of the top debate organizations in the world.


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